The Equivalent: Now With Video

So this show is still going, and from this point on so will the blog.  I got burned out this past summer.  I had nothing interesting to add here, and the show wasn’t worth posting, and basically I was more focused on watching Ocarina of Time videos on speedrunslive.  Which is fine. 

But that’s all going to change now.  I have a new slot:

The Equivalent: Midnight – 1 AM on Friday mornings

Yes.  It’s now much shorter.  And better, presumably.  I should update the banner at the top of the page to reflect that, but like most problems in my life, I’d rather talk them than fix them. 

Additionally, I’m adding a new element tonight.  Video.  I’ll be streaming the show here:

We’ll see how that goes.  Isn’t this exciting?  I don’t know either.

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