I have a story.

One day there was a cook.  He was making chicken.  The chicken had been on the grill for about 2 minutes when some twat named Adam came in and told him “dude, the chicken needs to be out now.”  The cook, who didn’t like confrontation and was tired from flying to LA, decided to listen to Adam and put the chicken up on his blog before it was ready and everybody got salmonella.

I should mention that Jesus often spoke in parables as well.

Three Hours:




Adam was back.  There was good local music played.  Kermit and Tom Waits dispelled sexual tension for just long enough to hold conversation on air.  There was really not a dull moment, but in case you don’t have three hours, which you don’t, here are the important bits.

Mick Bassett Live at WCBN:

Mick Bassett – On A Spaceship

Mick  Bassett – Scoundrels

Mick Bassett – Midnight Special

Honest Spaceship would have been a better title.

Now, I’ve never really liked music or the people who play it, but after this performance, Mick has begun to change my mind.  I don’t like changing my mind, so needless to say I’m in somewhat of a bad mood.  It doesn’t help that I forgot to bring shampoo with me.  They don’t have Meijer out here.  They have Vons.  It’s going to take some time to adjust.  I should probably go.

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