Live Performance Tonight on The Equivalent

First of all, thanks for the concern and kind words everyone, but no: the wedding is still off.

Second of all, Mick Bassett will be on the show tonight for the first live performance in the history of The Equivalent.  That sounds good, right?  Sure.  Here’s this if you want to prepare yourself –> It hasn’t yet been determined when he’ll play, how long he will play for, or what good it will do, but we’ll find out together.

Along with Mick will be an appearance by aspiring hanger-on Adam.  He’ll finally be fulfilling his promise of bringing Mick into the studio.  He might have a review of the show that happened in a town on Saturday with bands he likes but I can’t remember which so it can’t really be that important.  Or maybe not.

This will be the last edition of The Equivalent for the month of June, so if you were going to miss this week and try again on the 27th, then you’re out of luck and a moron.  Nice work, moron.

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