I’ve Had an “Add New Post” Tab Open for the Last Hour

and I haven’t written anything yet, so I’m just going to give up trying to be interesting and just start typing and uploading stuff.

Thanks* to Adam for coming on the show last night.  His knowledge of Detroit bands and how to replicate the voice of Tom Waits proved valueless.  Or invaluable.  Whatever one is derogatory.

Thanks as well to Rick Baseball for not coming in and subjecting yourself to any of it.  We now know what (who) to avoid once your staph infection or whatever clears up and you’re able to come on the show.

Thanks to my sister for tuning in once again and for requesting a song I had once again forgotten about and didn’t realize I wanted to hear.  The Spice Girls really are timeless.

And finally, thanks to myself for everything I did for everyone.




Of course, some people have lives outside of listening back to 3 hour recordings of my radio show.  They do for now, anyway.  That’s slowly changing.  So, here’s a clip.  Judge for yourself:

Adam will be back next week.  Assuming I am.

By the way, anyone who took my advice about microwaving a shoe two weeks ago should really listen more closely.

And here’s THE NEWS:

*or not

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