Tonight on The Equivalent – idk lol

I’m still suffering from nervous exhaustion due to last week’s health special.  If things continue to go as they go currently, you would probably be best off going back and listening to last week’s show while I’m on air tonight.  I have nothing planned, I’m tired of music, and there is a 60% chance that I might just plug in my laptop and put the sound of my beating Super Mario 64 on air.  Does that sound fun to you?  It shouldn’t. I don’t even want to.

In other news, Ann Arbor is ostensibly healthier now.  I’ve received word that the Wendyses in the Union and League are running at such a severe deficit that they will not only be shut down by Friday but that they will be buying out every pressing of the Michigan Daily from now until the end of July in order to print out a series of one-letter-per-page messages saying “We are sorry for failing you” and “We wish we were dead (that’s why we eat burgers).”  Reaction so far has been ambivalent.

It feels good knowing you’ve changed the world.  But sleep feels better.

Maybe one day.

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