The WCBN Health Special is Now Online


Now that that’s out of the way.


The WCBN Health Special went out last night, and it was, without question, an unmitigated success.  It’s always heartwarming to see so many people together for a common cause, but when the effort actually makes a difference in the world, the feeling is indescribable.  So I won’t try.

Many thanks to everyone at the station who helped out and to our various correspondents who touched your mind from across the globe: Rob Goldey, Cameron Bothner, Eric Lapointe, Paul Bookend, Madaleine Albright, Dr. Clown Bear, Kaiji Itou- the list goes on and on.  It wouldn’t have been possible without everyone pitching in.

And if you weren’t fortunate enough to be with us last night during the broadcast, we have it uploaded here for your delayed, but still valid, satisfaction.

Hour 1: wcbn-2012-05-30-010001-EDT

Hour 2: wcbn-2012-05-30-020001-EDT

If you still don’t have time, we have some of the more important moments uploaded here.  It’s hard to pick out highlights because that would be saying that some contributions were more significant than others.  While it’s true, it’s not nice to say so I like to avoid that whenever possible.  That isn’t now.

First we have the aborted report from Madaleine Albright.  It didn’t conclude, but she put in a lot of effort so she gets partial credit:

Next we have the Nutritional Facts from Dr. Clown Bear.  Gripping as always, and it’s nice to see him back in the studio without the Hoveround:

And finally, the new anti-smoking ad:

I can never say “thanks” enough, so there’s no point in continuing to do it.  It was a wonderful night.  I’m hoping we’ll be able to do something like this again soon.

Oh, and for anyone who is curious, Cameron made it 14 miles before collapsing into a large clump of lanky exhaustion.  Unfortunately, the fine print of the agreement said that he had to stay upright until he uttered the designated phrase of resignation: “I give up.  I care more about myself than sick children.”  He refused.  He fell.  As far as I know, he’s still laying there now.  So while his struggle was commendable, it does unfortunately mean that the donation won’t be going through.  Bad luck there, but I hope we all learned something.

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