Tonight on the FlankQuivalent

That name will not stick.

There is a show tonight, though.  As contractually obligated, here’s a FlankThrob:

“Tonight on the Flank Hour, we discuss the anagram A.R.T. and how it applies to the song Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day.  Also, there will be a special guest appearance… by your mind.”

Gross.  He purposely hasn’t gotten his own blog.  He’s not lazy.  He’s just an asshole.

A few things of note:

We will have a bit of a fundraiser thing tonight.  It’s summer, and everyone is rich, so WCBN will take some of your money.

There will be an episode of Dead Air.  The guest hasn’t been decided yet, so please let me know if you have any ideas or no anyone who is desperate for publicity.  Abdullah the Butcher comes to mind, but if New Jack can be trusted, then the Butcher has Hep-C and gigged indie workers with the same blade that he used to get color on himself.  As New Jack put it: “that’s attempted murder.”  I don’t want felons on my show.  Outside of Flank, anyway.

There’s been severe reaction to the Virginity Vigil that’s been going on on the diag for the past few weeks.  We’ll get into detail on that over the course of the program.

And I’ll be photoshopping beer bottles into the hands of young children to see if I can get anyone arrested.

That all sounds awful.  Listen to something else.

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