The Equivalent has Moved

So basically, just ignore everything you’ve read on here for the past few weeks.  There have been problems, but both Peter and I have made the effort to move on.  Latest post aside, this has been a private matter and we would prefer to deal with it privately.  We respect your consideration in this matter.

But for the sake of an objective update, Peter’s angsty twattitude has left him without a show this summer, and, presumably as punishment for my involvement in the tedious turmoil, I’ve been left with a 50% longer slot.  That’s fine.  I don’t feel pain, but I imagine it’s the audience that’s going to suffer.  There is only so much news that can happen in one day, and I doubt it will be able to fill up an entire 3 hour slot.  I fear that the type of punchy commentary and lively crackle that you will only find on The Equivalent will be so diluted that it will become a transparent mockery of its former self.  No one wins when that happens.

So I’m considering, against my better judgment, to let Flank (seriously it’s just in the consideration stage) to let Flank flank all over the first hour.  Hopefully this means he’ll leave me alone.  I doubt it will, but I’m a big fan of leaving my problems to other people.  If all goes as I hope, from Midnight to 1AM, Flank will be polluting society, and from 1AM until 3AM, the Equivalent will continue to Equivocate.  I haven’t talked it over with the rest of the executive staff, but I don’t plan to, so it should be fine.

Just to be perfectly clear, Midnight to 1AM is the Flank Hour.  1AM until 3AM is TheEquivalent.  Don’t confuse the two.

But since we’ve got the future figured out, let’s return to the past.  Here’s last week’s show. wcbn-2012-05-04-010001-EDTwcbn-2012-05-04-020001-EDT

Here’s the show from the week before that.wcbn-2012-04-27-010001-EDTwcbn-2012-04-27-020001-EDT

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