Public Response to a Private Message

Hey Matt.  It’s nice [sic] to hear your voice again.  I appreciate you taking the time to call me, but I can’t really be bothered with apologies right now.  They don’t mean anything, especially not from you.

Nevermind the fact I don’t believe you.  It’s not that I don’t like the things that you said, it’s that I don’t like you.  You mocked the station, you mocked me, and you mocked radio.   Either you had a disastrous series of bad decisions or you’re just a bad person.  I think the simplest solution is the best.

Maybe we can coexist, and if you want to talk about this in person you know exactly where I’ll be every Friday morning from 1AM until 3AM.  But as long as you still want your show back, I’m not dropping this.

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  1. I still want my show back. You’re an asshole.

  2. Jack Straw

     /  April 23, 2012

    Wow. This is some bush-league shit, Flank. I don’t know if what Matt said or did was bad enough to warrant this, but from what I can gather from an outsider’s perspective, my answer is “probably not.”

    You suck, Mr. Flank. Your show sucks. Your blog sucks. Your personality sucks. WCBN was a better place before you got there.

    • Thanks for your interest in my show, Mr. Straw. Unfortunately, all of our fucks are currently being given to other readers. Please try again later.

      Actually no. Go away. I have enough bullshit to deal with as it is, and you’re not helping anyone.


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