You Wanted Me To Keep it Here

More people read my blog anyway.

Emily, it doesn’t matter if you’re the one who uploaded the content.  I couldn’t care less that you uploaded more iterations of the album to different filesharing sites.  It’s still the same crime that’s committed.  This is pirated material put out online that you’re an accessory to. It’s copyrighted to the band, and the band gets to decide what’s done with it. 

Copyright isn’t some annoying word put out to annoy cheap college students.  It’s meant as protection.  There is an entire catalogue of people who make their living on albums like these.  Not just the band, but the engineers, producers, executives, and even their secretaries.  If no one was allowed to profit off of copyrighted content, there would be tens of thousands of people out of a job.

Can you really picture a world without publishers?  If you can, then you don’t understand what they do.

But putting the legal issue aside, think about it from the band’s perspective:

Should Blink 182 or their record company ever decide to release those tracks (as awful as they are) their ability to profit off of it is severely hampered by the fact that a copy of those songs have already been put out.  If you want Blink 182 to make more albums like that, then you should buy it.  Money talks.  That’s true capitalist encouragement. 

My dad was a lawyer.  I know how these things work. I’m sure he’d love to talk to you as well.

Please take down the links before this gets worse.  I’m sure your new employer wouldn’t want to hear about this.

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