The Equivalent – We’re Back

All due thanks to Peter Flank for everything he did last night.  It’s difficult for me to talk about, so I’ll let him do it himself:

Yeah, so if that sounds like something you want to deal with for 2 hours, you can listen to the entire show here.

Hour 1

Hour 2

For those curious about my forthcoming tedious bullshit

-Tomorrow I take a test.  Apparently, it’s something that Peter put together himself so God knows how that’s going to go.  I get the impression it’s about what I learned last night and what steps to take to make sure that what I do from now on out doesn’t offend fans of the band Touch.   I’m sure I’ll take it more seriously when the time comes.

– If I pass, I submit a secondary demo tape.  Again this is up to Peter’s standards.  He’s currently in the process of trying to eradicate the entire “rock” section of the music library, so apparently I’m going to need to avoid that.   The one rule that was shoved into my face was that I need 10 songs from 10 different genres.  Whatever.  It’ll give me the chance to try out some new things I guess.  Hopefully that will be fun.

– A written apology.  I’ll worry about that when I come to it.

If this all goes well, I’ll be back on the radio bike next week.  I don’t want to stare at that dude’s slanted/misshapen facewreck any more.   Wish me luck, dudes.


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