The Things You Write When You’re Drunk and Alone in the Woods

An excerpt:

I don’t think anyone witll deliver food iout here at this time of night

I don;t even have an address that wouldbnt work at all

Am I allowd to go to sleep?  No ones going to stop me.  I think i get to make the rules

There are three things im supposed to be,  Drunk, Alone and In the Woods

I don’t know if I’m allowed to leave the woods to get a more things to get me drunk if i start to think that im not drunk enough im typing pretty learly so thats probably a sign im pretty sober and thats a problem.

I wish there was a rulebook. i should have made noe

Does pine vodka exist? im not sure im allowed to use the internet during this and i dont know if im allowed to find out

i think thats the kind of sense of wonderment this whole exercise was suposed to foster

great reception out here


I can piss anywhere i want.  This is what the pilgrems must have felt when they got off thmaylflower

It’s only been 45 mintues.  Im out of funyuns this is going to get worse before it gets better

Tune in tonight at 1AM for more of that as well as a brand new segment with brand new music called You’re Wrong in which I will address one of your problems.

I love you.

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