The Equivalent – Special Requests, Special Guests, and Other Horrible Problems

We’ll take these things one at a time.

Special Request: Songs, Dude

I’m still looking for underrepresented bands to play on my show today.  I’m also looking for any other band.  If you have any requests for songs, I’d appreciate them.  And I’d appreciate you.  The sooner the better.  Don’t be like that one guy who died because he didn’t get his request to me in time.  It’s going to happen to you eventually, but don’t let it happen today.

Special Guest: DJ BFG 10,000

The Equivalent and the WCBN Family are honored to announce that we will have the special guest DJ BFG 10,000 on the show with us tonight.  He’ll be in the studio all night, screaming, carrying on, and playing all the symphonic metal wankery you won’t realize you wanted to hear.  We’ve had a The Equivalent intern with him all day making sure he stays relatively sober, so the show should be as lucid as it is gnarly.

DJ BFG 10,000 has had a storied career.  He’s the visionary that introduced the phrase “so far away” to Dragonforce.  He’s capitalist hyper-saint behind the marketing push for Skrillex’s Skrillet brand skillets.  He’s the charitable paragon who shows up to every Make-A-Wish Foundation engagement, even if he isn’t requested.  If you’d like more details, check out his wikipedia page here.  We’ll be discussing all or none of these topics on the show tonight, but you’re going to have to tune in to find out.

Other Horrible Problems: The Competition

So as it turns out, my feeble and declining listenership is less your fault that I originally believed.  Yesterday I found this fucking thing posted on one of the boards in the Duderstadt Central Collaboration Area where engineering students fall asleep and leave half-eaten Panda Express entrees out in the open air until they putrefy and waft awful into the computer lab where I work.  I’m not your fucking nanny, throw it out yourself.  Anyway, this was there:

Today there were more.  Basically, everywhere there is a tackboard on north campus, there is a Lune at Noon flyer.  I can’t tear them all down myself, so if you see one, please burn it or recycle it or whatever it is people are supposed to do with paper.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find much information on this guy or this station.  If it’s a pirate signal, then it might be easier to shut down, but that is less fun than the approach I’d like to take.  If anyone has any information on this twat, please pass it along.  I’ve had a very uninteresting spring break so far, and it’s almost over.

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