The Equivalent – Now With Highlights

Sorry this took so long to get up.  I was distracted by a wall.

I realized something: two hours is a lot of time to spend parsing through The Equivalent’s musical content just to get to my voice.  Judging by the small (but still overwhelming [Thanks, everyone!]) number of positive responses I’ve received recently, I’ve lost a lot of potential listeners somewhere in the slog of obligatory freeform.   The situation seemed bad.  Then I got idea.  I then did idea.  Now, for the sake of the busy and the lazy alike, every week this blog will begin hosting brief clips from the parts of my show that I felt were appropriate to tear out of context.  The massive files will still be there for the better and more attractive fans, but those who just want short bursts of me now have an option as well.

Today’s Chocolate-Covered CGI Birds

The Intro with special thanks to Gates and CM Punk

And this week’s episode of Dead Air with special apologies to Jessica Fishwick.  I couldn’t quite pronounce her name on the first attempt and this made her noticeably upset by the end of the segment.

The Actual Animal Abuse

Hour 1

Hour 2

It should be noted that 26-minute mark of Hour 2 has me rapping the first verse of Bombs Over Baghdad over the background music for Great Ideas.  You think I’m kidding, don’t you?

Two Birds With One Car

If you know of any bands that could use exposure at 1AM to 3AM on Friday mornings in Ann Arbor, let me know.  The best part of last night’s show was playing Andrewcom, Old Nick, and Vasudeva.  I want to do that kind of thing more often.  This show doesn’t even register as small-time, but I like to pretend that every little bit helps.

We might have a guest in the studio next week.  I’m currently trying to get everything squared away with DJ BFG 10,000, and I’m hoping like hell it pans out.  You all will be the first to know.

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