The Equivalent – It’s Better Than I Thought It Was Going to Be

That’s as close as I remember being a direct quote from my sister in description of my show.  If you’re reading this abbreviated blurb in your Facebook timeline and you haven’t yet heard my show, be convinced it’s worth it.

So, everything’s fine.  Heroically, painfully fine.  THE NEWS will reflect this.  I won’t say anything that anyone might find interested or moving about the world.

You see, I had an important moment this past Monday.  I was discussing the disgusting state of my audience’s wallet-conduct with one of my friends, and he sent me this picture in response:

[Edit: picture removed due to self-respect.  I don’t want it on my blog.  Here’s a link if you’re masochistic or dumb: ]


Two days later when I finally got out of bed, I went over the logs.  At that point, I realized that he had sent the picture ironically.  Instead of mocking my condition, he was mocking people who thought that that specific internet meme was an appropriate response to anything ever at all.  Ha.  I didn’t care.  I accepted his apology and nothing changed.  I didn’t care.  I still don’t.  Everything’s fine.  I’m not upset.  I feel the exact opposite of emotional.  I think I’m done with those things now.  My mattress is in tatters.  They never lead anywhere productive.  I’d consider my state one of subdued but righteous preparation.  I’m going to get mine.  But it won’t be through anger.  Anger doesn’t help.  Ha.  We move on.  Watch me go.

All of this is subject to change.

As far as the actual content for this show goes, we have Events and Concert Info background music brought to you by the video game Lemmings.

I promised MC Hawkins last week and I didn’t deliver.  We’ll get to that in the Mattblock along with some other shit that’s going to happen I don’t even know.

Great Ideas will be good probably.  I don’t know.  I haven’t written anything yet.

Fuck it.  I’m losing track of what I’m trying to do here.  We learned a few things last week.

Point 1) Outside of my immediate family, absolutely no one will donate to this show.
Point 2) I made a point that if I got 50 dollars in donation after the start of the show, I would stop ruining songs with my electronic drum set.
Point 3) At this point, I’ve only received 10.
Point 4) I get to play drums forever.  And I will.  I’m thinking everything will be in 5/4, regardless of what whether or not this works with the song.

You can claim this is a childish pissy fit, and I admit that there are marked similarities between that and what I’m doing, but this isn’t one.  This is pointed action based on evidence.  I had a dream this past weekend that someone somewhere was stuck on an island or in a hole, and that 88.3 WCBN-FM was their only companion.   And before he was trapped, that person had the ability to donate to The Equivalent.  And that person didn’t.  And now that person couldn’t turn me off.  And I got to rip their ears in half with my bad drum beats and other malevolent content.

The thought of that dream coming true is too good to pass up.  I realize that the odds of it actually happening are small and twatty, but if it weren’t at the very least a possibility then I wouldn’t be back this week.  Take from that what you will, don’t get your hopes up.

The Equivalent – Once again and forever WCBN’s answer to the notion of meaningful content.

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