The Equivalent: Reaffirming Normative Behavior But Only When It’s Not Irresponsible or Otherwise Profitable

‘The next The Equivalent Blog Post should begin with an apology.’

Those aren’t my words.  Those are words said to me by other people.  I disagree with them, so it won’t happen.  I’m still sick and in no mood to start making other people feel better.

Not here, anyway.  I have plans for my show.  Something near apology is part of them.  I have plans.

And that’s why I’m writing this.  Plans.  Here’s what’s stuff tonight:

– In tonight’s interactive initiative, I’m going to be playing a brutal game of Oregon Trail.  I’m still looking for names for the members of my Party so write in or call if you have any requests.  Anything that the F.C.C. bars me from saying on air is unfortunately off limits, but clever reworking of syllables such as “Hugh Djhbachs” and “Jay S. Twat” can qualify.

– Also: looking for requests for the Mattblock.  I really don’t like taking requests during the show, but I’m all about doing it now.  We have some Thrice and Thursday lined up , but that’s not enough for an entire block of Matt.  Nothing ever is, really, so feel free to do something worthwhile and help me.

– We’ll have the results of Tomorrow’s races at Northville Downs.  Here’s a quick Teaser.

February 10th –  Race 1
Win: Upstairs Bacon (5:1 Odds)
Place: I’m a Wonderful Horse (5:2)
Show: All The Bad Things White People Have Done to Me So Far This Year (9:1)

The other 13 races will be covered after THE NEWS so tune in at 2:50 if you want to make money.

– In an effort to be less mean-spirited and unnecessary, we’re turning The Top 5 Worst Songs Ever Written into Matt Improves the Top 5 Worst Songs Ever Written.  I’m going to make a positive impact on society.  Tonight at Number 6, I’ll be helping Shine by Collective Soul.

Join me as I fill their credibility-shaped holes with my awesome caulk.

– Finally, we’re introducing a new segment tonight called Great Ideas.

1AM on 88.3 WCBN-FM Ann Arbor.  !

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