February 3, 2012 – Life Imitating Art

Because what I do is art and I am an artist.

I get it; there’s an idea that once you start considering what you do art, it becomes self-conscious, therefore it can’t be completely authentic, therefore it can’t possibly be artistic.  However, I am me and these sort of rules don’t apply, so I am an artist.

You want proof, bitch? Fine.  As it turns out, I actually am sick.   My head is a solid block of nothing, and my throat feels like it’s been fumigated.   I doubt the massive amounts of screaming that I did on air helped.  Everything tastes like coughdrops, and I’m trying to ride this fun balance between how much water you can drink to minimize both thirst and the odds of emesis.  I feel like I’ve angered some strange god that I don’t necessarily believe in, but whatever I did, I’m sorry.

I’m told the best thing to do in these situations is sleep.  People have told me to just go to bed, rest up, and be ready for class on Monday.  However, people always seem to underestimate just how generous I am with my time and exactly how much Friday Night Smackdown is on in a half hour.

Highlights of the show include Andrew WK’s “Ready to Die,” Andrew WK’s “Ready to Die,” the screaming, some Dear Hunter, some Manchester Orchestra,  a nice 40th anniversary history round-up, and the beginning of DJ Slammin’ Cameron’s Freeform Firestorm.

Lowlights: Weezer.

Now I feel ill again.  Here, just take these and leave me alone.

Hour 1

Hour 2

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