January 20th – Progress


Hour 1:

Hour 2:

The Event:[1][2]

Last night”s edition of The Equivalent is now available for public consumption in two parts: here and here.  You’ll notice that at the beginning of the first hour, someone other than me is talking.  You may notice that this again occurs at the end of the second hour.   This is not ideal.   Or is it?  Now it’s not for me to say, but that seems like the type of thing that could serve as a major hint toward a coming plot twist if The Equivalent were discovered to be the canonical continuation of the show LOST.

Again, it’s not for me to say whether that’s the case; I’m just saying it’s something you may want to pay attention to.


1: I mentioned during the broadcast that I was sorry for playing St. Elmo’s fire.  I’m taking that apology back.

2: Responses to Malcolm Coxworth’s poem The Squirrels! ranged from mixed to complicated.  Some thought the poem was prejudiced against various minority groups while others championed the counterargument that it was just awful.  To settle this debate once and for all, the unedited version of Coxworth’s POWER sonnet is attached.  [3] Feel free to give us your thoughts.

Might as well:

How would you like your mushroom to stamp the 88.3 FM frequency?  The Equivalent Web Crew is looking for songs that people have an irrational hatred for.  Are the words “save a horse, ride a cowboy” accompanied slow, coursing memories of injury and anguish?  If you’re not an unqualified moron, then they certainly should be.  We’re looking for more songs that make you feel that way.  Give us a hand and slap us a tune or two.

3:The Squirrels!

I sit among the Diag trees
eyes toward heaven, arms on knees
And what’s that chatter in the trees?
Oh charm of charms! Oh glee of glees!

The Squirrels! The squirrels! At rest! At play!
They’re black and brown and tan and gray!
They scamper on their merry way
They’re fat as hell and twice as gay.

That’s gay as in a happy mood
Not gay as in the queerer brood
A dude that bangs another dude
Not that that’s wrong, just kinda skewed

Now look, I’m not a homophobe
I love all men across the globe
I just don’t love men like they do
And that’s my right, so fuck you too.

So yeah the squirrels look at them go
In search for nuts amid the snow
Their fur forever whiter grows
Which I’m sure they’d be pleased about if they understood the subtext

Malcolm Coxworth – 2012

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