Friday Morning’s Show

The results of the WCBN Poet Laureate Contest will have been decided.  The results will be announced live on air at 2:15 AM.  Best of luck to all the contestants.

The Mattblock will feature songs by Boxcar Racer, Howard Drossin, Johnny Parr, Rufio and at least one other band.

SOPA.  What’s so bad about it?  We’ll be addressing an unpopular but wholly practical appeal to shut down the entire internet with the exception of and the Cincinatti Bengals online gift shop.

We will indeed address the burgeoning and impossible affair between Tom Brady and Ichijou.  It’s as real as you want it to be.

We’ll be taking requests for Pet Names.  Have a new pet?  The name of your old pet getting a bit boring?  Want to convince your friends that you have a pet and need that one final detail to push your story over the top into the valley of credulity? Call in at 734, 763-3500.  (Note: No fucking cats.)

The Secrets of Solitaire:  Award-winning person Gregory X. McCarthy will be in the studio to discuss common pitfalls for casual Windows 95 Solitaire players.  Rules for the drinking game will be explained beforehand.

And finally, there will be a concave review of tonight’s Wooly Gauze show at the Work Gallery.

See you guys in 33 hours.

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