The Equivalent – One Step Above Those People Who Post Videos on Youtube with the Titles to the Effect of “My Thoughts on X”

Unlike this puppet, I am important.  I confirm this every week.  I will do it again tomorrow.

Joining my importance on the air:

– A few more complaint letters to rifle off.

– A discussion on proper facebook etiquette in the segment “Why Liking your own status updates makes you look like a tit.”

– It’s more painful than reading the comments on online news articles, but what is it?  Our reporter Colleen Stencham travels to Canada to find out.

– Our Dental Disaster team explains why you can’t coddle your teeth, and that the only way that they’ll grow up to be self-sufficient and strong is by making them brush themselves.

– An all new episode of Dead Air featuring mystery guest Luke Wilson and his bike.
– There will be an angry and confused analysis of whatever the hell this was:
– And as always there will be NEWS.  This week’s update is brought to you by sports.
Be sure to tune in at 1AM to experience.
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