New Semester Schedule

Huge news, bro.  The Equivalent will now be equivocating at 1-3AM on Thursday night/Friday morning for the duration of winter semester.   There will be changes., and in many ways this is a bad thing.

Modifications to the current The Equivalent format:
1) Since the 1-3 slot tends to get twice as many listeners (6) as the 3-6 slot, I will no longer be able to swear very loudly.  Twice the chance of people hearing FCC violations means twice the chance that someone is going to be a dick.   We’ll have to be a little more creative from here on out.
2) No more egregious mocking other DJs, religious leaders, or college radio as a whole.  It just won’t work at this time of night.  I have a feeling.
3) The regular hour-long broadcast of the inside of my car will have to be scrapped entirely.  A “Best of” replay package will play during the next show, but then that’s it
4) Radio-tac-toe is getting the cold, pointy end of the boot as well.

There are some positives though:
1) I finally get to broadcast to my model demographic of people who don’t have class on Friday coming home from the bar.  The drunker you are, the better my show is.
2) Yeah.

So please keep tuning in.  If you haven’t yet, then fuck off.  I mean that in a kind way, but still do it.

I’ll talk at you for the first time this semester in 51.5 hours

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