November 2, 2011

Yesterday’s show certainly was one.

Good things:

I was able to mix together a nice half hour long combo of songs I really wanted to play.   Storm by Tim Minchin was the most important one.  Preparation is key.

Had another show where I had more songs I wanted to play than I actually got to play.  That means I’m not quite bored yet.

NEWS – getting better at reading it

Received a somewhat out-of-it, confusing request for Mr. Bungle.  Played Egg.

Bad things:

Played the wrong Mr. Bungle song.  Wanted to play Stubb a Dubb.

Forgot the name of another caller’s request.

Accidently played a song twice for a couple seconds.

Spilled vodka all over the FM board.


An altogether okay night.  I’d consider it the equivalent of the exact opposite the emotional effect of hearing religion enter another political argument.  Fuck.

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