The Equivalent – Show 3

Firstly, I would like the thank WCBN for having 3-6AM timeslots. I’m currently in the process of staying up for 36 hours in order to write a paper on how bad an idea it is to stay up for 36 hours. Generally, the hours between 2AM and dawn are the hardest part, so being able to make an ass of myself on air is a great way to keep occupied. This is why we need college radio.

I don’t want to give the impression that this week’s edition of The Equivalent was solely a distraction from sleep. While that was a nice side effect of the show, the show itself is also of note. All told, this was the most well executed show I’ve done. If there was any hesitation to say that The Equivalent (which is on from 3-6AM on Wednesday mornings on WCBN tell people) is the most important show on WCBN before, that’s all but vanished now. Not to sound proud, but I can say without prevarication or shame that I am, in fact, God.

And this is quite a responsibility. I recognize that. I realize that this means I need to be accountable for all the things that I do right. Let’s go through some of those now.

I was able to put some legitimate prepwork into this show. I had a few song combinations I knew I wanted to put together, and I was actually able to do that to a certain degree. The transitions weren’t perfect, but they weren’t awful. I also knew that I wanted to raid the Good Life section of the library. This was the best decision I’ve ever made. I really had just hoped to play a good amount of lounge music, but it resulted in finding a reggae version of Paranoid Android and a Tiny Tim version of New York, New York. The Paranoid Android cover was incredible. It will be hard for me to top that. I kind of get the impression that I might be going back to that CD one day for No Alarms or Airbag. Too much fun.

I’m starting to freak out less when changing songs, which is a nice development. For my first few shows, I was afraid of dead air or losing track of song-length. That resulted in many points where I would simply pick the longest track on a Jazz CD just to make sure I had enough time to prepare for the upcoming song, which generally meant checking everything 40 times over. That changed last night. After the first hour, I started feeling comfortable moving around and grabbing new music as songs were reaching the 0:00:00 stage. This resulted in my finding a song called Nightshift in Blue by Jonti. That song was awesome. This can only be a good sign.

The last bit of good news was the fact that last weekend I found a box of ridiculous old records that a 90 year couple left behind in a house when they moved to Florida. I got to play a couple yesterday, but there will be plenty more ridiculosity coming. I particularly look forward to playing “Songs of the Charlevoix Yacht Club” which is still in its original plastic wrap. I expect great things.

In less fantastic news, I’m still no good on the mic. While my opening spot went well, everything else was stilted, slurred, and sounded like it was being read from a script. Which it often was. Half the point of my show is to have humorous content, and while I think the things I write to that end serve their purpose, if I can’t present them well enough then they aren’t worth doing. Unfortunately, the only way I can get good is by practicing. Some of it won’t be pretty, but if I want a better/shorter timeslot next semester, then it’s essentially mandatory. Ah well.

I got a request last night. It was for Frank Zappa. Fuck me. That was staggering.

I didn’t get a chance to play Alberto Del Rio’s theme from the WWE. That was also a disappointment.

All things considered, it was good. I’m going back to being the walking dead now. Request Andrew WK next time. I need excuses to play it.

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