October 12: Retroactive Reaction

Whoa.  I just did my first show this morning 5 days ago.  My first show ever.  Whoa.

It’s amazing how little that seems to matter now.  I need to start posting these updates more quickly.  It’s like after you steal someone’s phone out of their bag in class or at a store in order to text vicious messages to their friends and family members.  You might think that the smart thing to do would be to turn the phone off in case someone calls it, but then you’d have to wait until you got home before you can turn it back on again and send out a creepily-personal version of The Aristrocrats.  If you wait too long, the rush wears off.  What you need to do is turn the phone on silent.  Then you’re good to go.  You get bonus points if you actually manage to text someone that the victim is with.  The reactions are incredible.  First there’s the disgust at the text itself, then a slow wave of relief when they realize this means that the phone isn’t  broken, and finally there’s the mounting horror as they wonder who else may have gotten that message.  Everyone did, Lauren.  They all did.  And they’re not happy about it.  The responses are rabid.

You may want to say that out loud, but that’d be a rookie mistake.  If you find yourself having too much fun, just get rid of the thing before you get too conspicuous.

I don’t remember anything about my show really except I lost patience and played my favorite song of all time (The Outline – Aesthetics) in my third hour of broadcasting.  That’s off the list for good now, which is a shame.  I also had a couple of typos in submitting my songs to the playlist.  Oh Perry by Steve Perry is not a song.  That would be ridiculously masturbatory.  As such, it should exist.

Evidently my levels are balls.  If you’re listening and you hear that my levels are balls, do call in and let me know.  It all sounds fine on my end, so it’s really not my problem.

The next show will probably be better.  We’ll have more news, a few written requests, and plenty of long, drawn-out pauses in between declarative sentences.

There will probably be a better blog entry as well, but I make no promises.

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